maandag 7 december 2009


For the drawing exhibition on the AKI i made two series of three abstract drawings, using paint and pencil.

Oncovered - monsterbook

Do you remember my post of Oncovered?
This project is now really taking off. The best thing is; Ontwerpatelier and Grafisch Papier made a monsterbook of the paperline Trucard, with six design of Oncovered-sleeves in it. The criteria was that the design had to be based on a system. And my design is made upon a the Pantone-system, so i am in the book! I am really excited about this, especially because in a few weeks these monsterbooks are on every desk of every designer in the country! YOSH!

The monsterbook has to show how different prints work with the different kinds of paper. Because of that, Ontwerpatelier thought of a way to remix all the designs and to show a foil, a die cut and embossing press.

Papier Hier

A lot has happened since my last post.
I went to Papier Hier, a special day from paperspecialist Grafisch Papier. Every year they present their new lines of paper on this day. This year the theme was The Art of Food. There i saw a cool presentation from Marti Guixe, he is a very inspiring fooddesigner and foodartist.
Photography: Grafisch Papier